Our Events programme involves visits to places of interest and presentations on environmental subjects.

All FoE events are free unless shown otherwise. Non-members are welcome.

If you have an idea of somewhere you’d like to go or something you’d like to learn more about, please contact one of our W & T leads (judy and philip’s addresses via website)– and we’ll see if we can organise anything around it.

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Philip Pool 

01743 - 367968
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Tuesday 24th November 2015 19:30
Hobbs Room, Shrewsbury Library
(entrance under the arch by the entrance)

Brief formalities, followed by
Shrewsbury Green Spaces ---
What was said in the Consultation and What Happens Next

Presentation by
Robin Mager
Conservation Officer Data & Planning
Shropshire Wildlife Trust

SWT have been consulting with Shrewsbury residents and gathering information on people's favourite green spaces.
Come and find out how this information has been mapped and how it will be used to engage with planners, developers and decision makers to make sure nature continues to thrive in Shrewsbury.

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