We are a pressure group concerned with all aspects of the environment, especially in Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

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NEWS, March 2024 

FoE Shrewsbury are part of Better Shrewsbury Transport (BeST) which is launching a legal challenge against the disastrous North West Relief Road. 

More information is here,  http://www.bettershrewsburytransport.org
We’ve already called for a Public Inquiry and if this is rejected we have strong grounds to launch a Judicial Review.
This is an expensive process costing around £30,000, but it’s also our BeST chance to stop a road that could wreck Shrewsbury’s drinking water supply; destroy ancient trees like the 550 year old Darwin Oak; and take 130 years to be net zero.  The UK government is using £200m of your taxes to fund this four mile stretch of road! We think the money would be better spent on sustainable transport, not to mention the NHS, our schools, or helping the vulnerable through the cost of living crisis.

We are working with a number of community groups to oppose the road, but now we urgently need additional funds for a potential Judicial Review.

Donations will only be used to fund this legal challenge and other essential campaign expenditure.

Any surplus will be donated to "The Good Law Project" who use the law to achieve change, including challengeson climate issues.

December 2020

The ShrewsburyGreenGuide has been discontinued as the information within was becoming outdated too fast and also the information was available elsewhere via a search on the Internet.

However, we have now added a recycling section to our web site. Click on the menu above.

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March 2024

We are very sad to report the death of one of Shrewsbury FoE's founders, Philip Pool.

He remained active with us until the end. His influence and contribution will be missed.

The North West Road

We are a member of the alliance working to stop the road being built.  Please help us by making a donation to the campaign. Click here.
See here for reasons  http://www.bettershrewsburytransport.org

Building the road will involve cutting down ancient trees like the Darwin Oak

Please consider signing the petition calling to stop this