Shrewsbury group was at the Shrewsbury Flower show with a stand campaigning on Climate change'

Carbon Footprint

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Dudleston Coalbed Methane .Igas (Dart energy) have now dropped their application after the farmer withdrew his consent for renewing permission to drill. There will not be an inquiry.This is a victory for the local community.

The government in aug 2015 have given new licences across the country with one on the border of Shropshire and Cheshire, following the consultations companies can apply for drilling, Local groups will oppose these and more info can be found on the frackoff website.

Stall in the square May 2014 talking to our MP 

Stall in the Square May 2014

Aims for this climate action campaign

-to work for a low carbon economy by supporting local renewable projects

-to support National FOE campaigns

-to support the groups in North Shropshire campaigning against Coalbed methane drilling in Dudleston and the surrounding area


Climate change has been shown by the recent UN IPCC reports to be the most important challenge the world now faces. We need to reduce emissions to avoid catastrophic global warming.Fossil fuels must be replaced by renewables and energy efficiency will reduce our consumption.We will also need to adapt to the impacts which we are already noticing such as more flooding.


Fracking is a term used to describe drilling for oil and gas and includes four main types:

conventional oil and gas/ coalbed methane/ hydraulic fracking of shale/coal gassification

Dart Energy is  considering an exploratory  drill site in North Shropshire to look for coalbed methane.The local community has held several  meetings and will challenge any application for drilling.

The main concerns are the industrial use of the countryside with the risk of pollution and the impact on tourism and house prices.To utilize any methane it is necessary to have hundreds of wells in an area which would destroy this part of Shropshire.