Planning Permission Changes

  • We spend a lot of time on planning issues - on wide ranging consultations and on certain individual applications.
  • In future opposing inappropriate development may be even more difficult as the consequences of the Government’s “Bonfire of Planning Regulations” come home to roost.
  • However, realisation is dawning and the leaders of several UK Councils have refused to exclude large house extensions from requiring planning permission.  
  • We feel, as do others, that Shrewsbury has large areas that are unspoilt and it would only require a few monstrous developments to do real damage to the townscape and/or to the river and brook environments.
  • It may require a major public outcry to get some of these planning changes reversed so people need to be ready to protest and we challenge Shropshire Council to adopt the same vigorous approach to the issue as that being adopted by other UK Councils.

Shropshire Local Plan Review

The review is looking at housing and employment land for 2020-2036, with 30% of this planned for the Shrewsbury area.
We are sending in our comments to the consultations.
Details of the consultations can be found on the Shropshire council website.
You can either e-mail us with comments or contact your local Councillor.